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More About Wisdom Teeth and 3rd Molar Extractions

More About Wisdom Teeth and 3rd Molar Extractions

More About Wisdom Teeth and 3rd Molar Extractions

What are 3rd Molar Extractions?

Removal of “wisdom teeth” has become so routine, it’s almost a rite of passage. But third molar extractions go far beyond the funny videos crowding the internet. It is a process that ensures the future health of all those young mouths.

“Wisdom teeth” can cause a variety of problems down the road including excessive decay, infection, and impaction into the bone. And since the roots of the lower 3rd molars can continue to develop and grow, they can eventually threaten the nerve that runs along the lower part of the jaw. Additionally, patients who have gone through orthodontic treatment may not have enough room in their mouth to accommodate additional teeth. The eruption of wisdom teeth can threaten both their orthodontic correction as well as the health of their overall bite.

IV sedation used in a controlled setting is an important part of third molar extractions. This sedation option makes the process far less difficult and much more successful than traditional dentistry. IV sedation coupled with the option of having the removals completed by familiar faces in a comfortable office make this “rite of passage” just another part of the ongoing process of having – and keeping – a healthy mouth.

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